The Three Greatest Things You learn from traveling

Like all the great things on earth traveling teaches us by example. here are some best and Most precious lesson  

I have learned a year of traveling

Appreciation of diversity  


Getting used to entirely different culture can be challenging its also nice to learn about 

culture online and learn from books 

Travels and trips give us an opportunity to visit new places and meet new people. We try to learn

 every detail about them. Travels to new places sharpen our power of observation. 

We form in our minds a picture which may not be forgotten. Travels enable us to meet new people

. We get an opportunity to make new friendships. We come to develop a universal outlook.

 We feel that we are members of the same family. Travels bring us in close contact with nature. 

Beauty, charm, and quietness of nature present a feast fothe r eyes. For the time being, we forget the worries of


Traveling on foot or on animals was the only option back then.



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